Halston Road, Mt Eden


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This beautiful Villa was another hidden gem, untouched for many years, it had also (as is typical of many of our Villas) been tinkered and added to over the last 100 years and had lost a lot of the Villa charm that we all love. It had so much personality and warmth but it was intangible, you needed to be able to see it not just feel it, it was hidden under 70’s wallpaper and vinyl floors, old carpet, small boxed room and a 40 year old grape vine.  The challenge was restoring the Villa features whilst breathing new life back into her, making her modern whilst honouring her age and history. This was a full re-design, renovation and restoration, transforming the small three bedroom, single bathroom house into a spacious open, light and very stylish four bedroom, two bathroom, home with a glorious open plan lounge, living and dining and a kitchen and scullery that are perfect for dinner parties with friends or get togethers with family. Gardeners simply open up the french doors into a private, beautiful landscaped garden and flat, lush lawns.

This house needed street appeal and we gave it by the bucket loads, I could almost hear the house lament as we replaced the roof, and gave her a total new paint job inside and out - not one bit was left untouched, like a visit to the health spa, she was scrubbed and pushed and prodded into a spectacular modern and stylish home with polished matai floors throughout, a deep claw foot bath to soak away the day in and a calm, relaxed colour palette for dreams to be dreamt in… and of course,  I added all the mod cons for easy luxe living. Now, this stylish and elegant home oozes gracious and timeless appeal, it was a joy to transform.

Abi’s creative flair, knowledge, and follow up are fantastic
— Catherine, Mt Eden